Where and How we meet?
We pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, ferry, cruise ship or airport as indicated on your Confirmation Form. The driver will be holding a label sign with the Private Hellas Tours logo and your name on it, at your meeting point. Should you not be able to find your driver, you can always call.
What happens in case my flight is delayed or cancelled or if I miss my flight?
We reassure you that we monitor your flight schedule, so we will be there for you if there is a delay. In case you miss your flight, please contact us on time via e-mail so as to inform us about your new flight details.
What kind of documentation do I have to carry with me?
Please carry with you your Confirmation Form sent to you via e-mail, with schedule details (pick up – drop off place and time, pax number, service provided, cost, vehicle type e.t.c.). You are responsible for checking your Confirmation Form details.
What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellation policy is applied to minimize non shows and give other visitors the chance to enjoy our services. In case of alterations or cancellations please inform us in time via e-mail. Only after we verify receipt of your notice, is cancellation considered valid. So :

  • Full refund for bookings cancelled up to 48 hours prior to agreed date and time.
  • No refund for bookings cancelled within 48 hours prior to agreed date and time.

Note : In case that for unforeseen reasons beyond control, the ship does not dock at the port or the flight is cancelled, there will be a full refund.

What are the payment terms? What is not included in the price?
Payment takes place at the end of the tour/transfer, at the driver in euro (€) currency cash. We can also accept credit cards- MasterCard/Visa, but with a surcharge of 4% on the tour’s price.
Entrance fees at the archaeological sites, hotel accommodation expenses, and lunch/dinner are NOT included at the tour price.
Is our driver both our tour guide?
Your professional driver will be informing you of what you are about to see on your way to the archaeological sites, sharing his limited knowledge of Greek history, mythology as well as contemporary life and traditions. He is not allowed by law to accompany you into the sites and museums; therefore he will be waiting for you at the agreed area.
However, if you need more detailed knowledge and extra information, you are highly recommended to hire a professional licensed tour guide who will ride the same vehicle with you, and can also accompany you into the sites and museums. Private Hellas Tours will get you cooperating licensed tour guides, at an extra cost.
What about smoking?
Smoking is prohibited inside vehicles and public places according to the Greek law.
What about babies and children?
Private Hellas Tours provides you with baby seats and booster seats if needed. It is your responsibility to notify us for such a need accordingly.
Is there a Privacy Policy?
Of course! Your personal data and information are safe with us and will not be disclosed under any circumstances (except if requested by Greek legal authorities)
Do I need a passport or visa?
No passport is required for EU citizens who travel to Greece. The ID card with latin characters is enough. All citizens of foreign countries except of the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand need a visa to enter Greece.
What should I pack with me?
The vast majority of days in Greece are sunny. From Spring time till almost late Autumn the weather is warm, so you will need light summer clothes and a sweater for some chilly evenings. Take a couple of flat shoes or comfortable sneakers for walking and avoid high heels or sandals. Don’t forget to take your sun glasses, hat, sun cream (especially those of you with light color skin) and camera, although you can very easily find any of these in Greece.
What about currency, exchanges and ATMs?
All exchanges are done with Euro (€) currency in Greece. You can exchange currency in banks, at the airport and exchange offices. Payments are mostly done with cash, although large supermarkets, shopping centers, malls and restaurants will accept a credit card. Should you need cash, ATMs can be found almost everywhere in Greece.
Is Greece a safe country?
Greece is one of the safest countries. Crime in small cities and villages is inexistent. The only thing to bear in mind is your personal belongings (wallets, mobiles e.t.c.) in crowded places and means of public transportation.
Can I find international press? What are the shopping hours?
Large shopping centers and malls are open 09:00-21:00 on weekdays, till 18:00 on Saturdays and closed on Sundays. Gift shops are usually open all day, every day. For the rest, opening hours are: Monday/Wednesday/Saturday 09:00-15:00, Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 09:00-14:00 and again 17:00-21:00. You can find most of European and American press (magazines-newspapers) in big kiosks, press corners and newsstands.
Can I drink tab water? Where can I eat? What if I am a vegetarian?
Tab water is of excellent quality in Athens and all over Greece. You might need bottled water only at some islands. Especially in Sumer time, it is advised to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration when temperatures get really high. Your driver will take you to selected traditional Greek restaurants to taste Greek delicacies. In Greece you can find food and drinks of the western world and some international fast-food chains whereas in Athens you can have international cuisine menus. Vegetarian food is not so widespread in Greece, but since Greek – Mediterranean cuisine includes lots of legumes and vegetables there are always choices that suit you perfect.